Existing Agents - How can we help you

As an existing agent of Letsure, we are here to help. If you can't find what you are looking for or require some help please contact your Account Manager.

Tenant Referencing

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If you are looking to speak to us about a reference that you have completed, please call our Tenant Assessment Service team on 0330 333 7060.

Don't have a referencing account

If you don't have a referencing account but are interested in signing up, please contact us on:
Call: 0330 333 7047
Email: partners@letsure.co.uk


If you already sell insurance and have a query on an individual policy, please call us on 0800 035 8242 or email us at info@letsure.co.uk.

If you are having issues with a particular aspect of our service, please contact your Account Manager below.

If you are interested in selling insurance, changing your status, promoting new products, have ran out of marketing leaflets or have any other query, please contact your Account Manager (details below).

Insurance Agent Process Account

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To contact your account manager, please use one of the following methods:

Call: 0330 333 7047

Email: accountmanagement@letsure.co.uk