Moving day tips

15 top moving tips for tenants

  1. Update your utility suppliers and TV/internet providers in advance of your move, to ensure everything’s switched over on time
  2. Don’t take everything you own – decluttering will make your move easier and your new place look tidier
  3. Clean your decorative items with wet wipes or polish, as you pack them, so you’ll just need to unpack and display
  4. Consider using eBay, or even a car boot sale, to declutter and make money for all the new stuff you’ll want to buy when you’ve moved
  5. Make good use of the free cardboard boxes available at supermarkets – specialist packing boxes can be expensive
  6. Use items such as bed sheets and towels to protect plates, cups and glasses, saving you money on bubble wrap
  7. Label every box and consider making an inventory of your belongings – it’ll make unpacking so much easier if you know what’s in the boxes
  8. Pre-prepare a box full of essentials, to take to the new place first. This should include everything you’d need for an overnight stay, plus your kettle, tea and coffee and food basics
  9. Make sure you know where your tools are – there’s nothing worse than not being able to put the bed and sofa together when you’re tired after a day of moving
  10. Make your bed and set out your towels and toiletries before you unpack anything else – it’ll be worth it at the end of the day
  11. Colour code your boxes to correspond with colour coded labels on the doors of your rooms, this way you’ll know which box belongs where
  12. Remember to take meter readings at your old place and your new place, taking a photo of them on your phone is the easiest way to do this
  13. Consider ordering a grocery delivery to arrive later in the afternoon on moving day or the morning after – so you can concentrate on unpacking and don’t have to go to the shops
  14. Unpack things in the order you’ll need them. Decorative objects can wait until later but you’re going to need cutlery and plates pretty quickly
  15. Relax! With our Move Me app, we’ll remind you of all the important tasks you need to complete, guiding you every step of the way