Tenant's Contents Insurance

Why choose Tenant's Contents Insurance from Letsure?

Letsure offers competitive prices combined with quality cover and service.

Our tenant's contents provides:

  • Up to £40,000 contents cover
  • Up to £2,500 accidental damage cover to audio and video equipment and home computers
  • Up to £5,000 tenant's liability cover for damage to your landlord's property and/or contents
  • Up to £300 Frozen food cover
  • Up to £2 million personal & occupiers liability cover
  • New for old cover excluding clothing and linen
  • Optional benefits including cover away from home, bicycle cover and full accidental damage


Policy Wording and Summary

It's important to read the policy documents for our Tenant's Contents Insurance product, to ensure that you understand the full Exclusions, Limitations and Conditions.